Stormwater Management

Ideal Solution for Stormwater Management – Concrete!

Stormwater management systems must withstand some of the most powerful forces of nature—high volumes of rushing water, extreme loading conditions and corrosive agents. Precast concrete meets the challenge.

Strong & Durable – a solid choice for underground detention and retention

Precast concrete underground storage systems have many advantages over plastic and fiberglass alternatives. Stronger and more durable than other options, precast concrete gets stronger over time. Made of all natural materials, it won’t affect water quality—an important concern as environmental laws increase.

Save Time & Money – easy installation

Precast concrete products save time—they arrive at your job site ready to install. Installation of precast concrete products is familiar and often-practiced in the construction industry. Unlike the installation of some other materials, it requires no specialized experience or training. Precast products are available from thousands of manufacturers in North America; most cities or regions have several suppliers.stems, stormwater management, distribution boxes and more.

First-Rate Performance – quality you can trust

Precast concrete is produced in an environment that allows for superior consistency and quality control. Precast manufacturers can achieve lower water-cement ratios. And the strength of precast concrete gradually increases. Other materials can deteriorate and lose strength. The load-carrying capacity of precast concrete is derived from its own structural quality.

Corrosion & Water Resistant – a lasting solution

Concrete products effectively resist corrosion. While no material is 100% corrosion-resistant, manufacturers can adjust the mix used for precast concrete to better withstand specific corrosive agents. Precast concrete designed to 4,000 psi or greater protects reinforcements such as steel from corrosion as well. Watertight concrete made with high quality sealers offers additional protection.

Environmentally Friendly – meet green construction requirements

After water, concrete is the most frequently used material on earth. Made of all-natural materials, itʼs safe for the environment. Modern cities around the world use precast concrete stormwater treatment systems since concrete doesnʼt harm water quality or release pollutants into the water supply. Concrete can be recycled and can incorporate recycled materials, including industrial byproducts otherwise headed for landfills. More clients and projects are demanding green technology—concrete offers a proven solution.

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