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19 Summer Open House

Summer Open House
Friday, June 12th, 2015

Shea Concrete Plant
160 Old Turnpike Road
Nottingham, NH 03290

Sheraton Harborside Hotel
250 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Hotel Registration
Use Code: NEPCA

Join us on Friday, 6/12 at the Shea Concrete plant in Nottingham, NH. The plant is located just 5½ miles west of the Lee NH traffic circle on route 4.

The plant is 30 minutes west of beautiful seacoast and downtown Portsmouth NH and 30 minutes east of Concord NH. Nottingham is located on 23 acres with a production plant of 6000sf. The location was originally owned and operated by New England Precast in the late 80's. In September 1999 Shea Concrete purchased New England Precast which included two locations (Amesbury MA and Nottingham NH). Due to the down turn in the economy the Nottingham plant was closed in June 2008. After Jerry Mailloux joined Shea Concrete the Nottingham plant was reopened October 2014 and Jerry became the Operations Manager for Nottingham.

Shea Concrete is not only proud of its facilities but also of the employees who operate the facilities to bring customers the highest quality in precast concrete products. The engineering staff ensure designs meet the requirements of customers. Computerized batch manufacturing plants ensure consistent quality manufactured to specification. The four facilities in Nottingham NH, Amesbury MA, Wilmington MA, and Rochester MA maintain a large inventory of products to ensure they meet the delivery requirements of customers.


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