Pipe & Culvert Committee

About the Pipe and Culvert Committee

Precast Concrete Pipe and Box Culvert are used to convey wastewater and stormwater through complex underground infrastructure systems. Because precast is produced in a controlled environment it will exhibit high degrees of quality and uniformity. Precast concrete also offers a multitude of advantages such as superior strength and durability, reduced weather dependency for installation, design flexibility and reduced impact to the job site. Precast concrete is also an environmentally friendly material that will always be readily available. Concrete pipe is available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Box culverts are common products and many manufacturers maintain an inventory of several sizes of box culverts ready to be delivered in short notice. Precast concrete pipe and culvert play a major role in preserving groundwater quality and ensuring a sanitary environment. The flexibility and modularity of concrete pipe and culvert make it possible to meet the needs of any sanitary wastewater or stormwater project. With its long history of unparalleled strength and proven performance, precast concrete is the material of choice for piping projects.

The Pipe and Culvert Committee scope includes reinforced concrete pipe, and three and four-sided box culverts. In order to address the threats and opportunities for the concrete pipe and precast concrete box culvert industry, the committee develops marketing and promotional tools, best practices manuals, guide specifications, installation guides, and performs industry research.

Pipe and Culvert Committee


  • Kurt Burkhart


  • Andrew Nashawaty
  • Darren Wise
  • Don Lepley
  • Ed Pennypacker
  • James Pryor
  • John Lamplough
  • Michael Michaud
  • Stephen Berlo