Mission & Benefits of Membership


To provide mutual advancement of the best interests of all persons engaged in the business of manufacturing and/or distributing concrete products and other lines of business related to concrete products.
To encourage, foster and stimulate commerce, trade, business, finance and professional interests of its members.
To provide a forum for mutual concerns and issues confronting the concrete industry.
To promote the welfare of its members through fraternal cooperation

Purpose of NEPCA

To associate the manufacturers of precast concrete products for the purpose of mutual advantage & Cooperation.
To maintain a high degree of quality in the products of association members.
To maintain a high degree of ethics among members.
To share mutual issues which may arise in the industry or marketplace
Promote the use of precast concrete by demonstrating its advantages and benefits.
Foster a spirit of goodwill among those in the precast industry.

Benefits of NEPCA Membership

Networking opportunities with fellow industry members locally, as well as at state and national levels.
Exchange of ideas & insights regarding precast production.
Networking opportunities with manufacturers of equipment and supplies utilized by the precast industry.
Annual winter conference with education and business sessions including exhibits.
Summer plant open house at a member’s site, including demonstrations and vendor exhibits.
Online membership directory open to the public.
Website exposure with direct links to your site.